Hi there!

I have been changing my alias since the age of 4 from Kitana to Kitty, but for now I go by Kat. This name doesn't stem from loving cats, but because of the whole nine lives thing.


Last time I checked I was down to my last life. 


1.  Drowned almost 2x. 

2.  ... 

3.  Actually, maybe 3x. 

4.  Drank a cup of bleach. 

5.  Mom slipped, stroller almost fell off cliff.

6.  Adults forgot to put the breaks. 

     Car crash at the bottom of a hill.

7.  (Can't even tell this story...)

8.  Slipped while climbing the side of the

     Grand Canyon in socks.   


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Photo Credits: Dad

Kat as a miserable teen at the Grand Canyon,

only photo she smiled in. 


1-800-Dead-Dreams - CEO l 2022

Excitement - Sexual Wellness Educator l 2022

Meaningful Works - Junior Art Director l 2021

The One Club Creative Boot Camp l 2020

Hot Topic Sales Associate  l 2014 - 2017 


ArtCenter College of Design l 2020 B.F.A. Advertising 

Pasadena City College l 2017 AA Communication Arts

Awards & Recognition 

Edward Bethune Memorial Scholarship l 2020


ArtCenter Gallery l 2020

Voyage LA Magazine l 2019 

College Women's Club Scholarship l 2019 - 2020

ArtCenter Department Scholarship l 2020

ArtCenter Entrance Scholarship l 2018 - 2020